The God of High School Episode 8

Enjoy The God of High School Episode 8 english Sub titled 8th episode and will be released on the date 2020-08-24. In addition, the official Synopsis of The God of High School Episode 8 we tell you below.

Anime review to watch online The God of High School ep 8 english sub

If we want to understand what will happen in The God of High School ep 8, we must remember what happened in the previous episode. The top four fighters in the preliminary have been decided. With her semifinal match against Daewi drawing near, Mira is suddenly approached by Oh Seongjin, a martial artist and successful businessman, with a marriage proposal. So, she agrees to marry him in exchange for his promise to restore her family’s dojo and spread the Moon Light Sword Style around the world. But marrying him means she must withdraw from the tournament… and Mori and Daewi are not okay with this.

Officially The God of High School episode 8 premieres on August 24 and will air weekly on Monday. In addition, the official website hasn’t already published information about GOHS S1E8. Fans are excited to be a part of this action packed and magical story.

Synopsis of the anime The God of High School

“Jin Mori tells everyone that he is the strongest high school student there is. His life changes when he is invited to participate in the “God of High School”. A tournament that will decide who is the strongest high school of all. And that will guarantee the winner the fulfillment of any wish he has. All participants are powerful warriors who will fight hard to achieve their dreams. A chaotic battle between incredibly strong high school fighters is about to begin!”

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